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MT-6000 (Injector tester specially for imported cars)

 Injector test, Magnetic coil test, Piezo element test,  Citcuit defective test

I-CRDI “MT-6000”

Automatic Load Cell Analysis

Full automatic beaker

Auto detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Real-time display of injector waveform

First test of Piezo element in Korea

First test of injector magnetic force in Korea

First test of circuit in Korea

Response test

Nocking test

Injection pattern test

Manual Mode

Domestic and overseas data support
(Automatic update)

Print of job results

Secondary display monitor

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Various injector tester

  • Exclusive connector for each injector
  • Exclusive high pressure for each injector
  • Possible manual control of the injection
  • Precise measurement through load cell sensor
  • Equal accuracy despite through 10 times of measurements
  • Separate control system for 3rd to 6th generation of Bosch, Delphi, Siemens and Denso
  • Precise display of the knocking injection volume of Siemens
  • Precise display of the knocking injection volume of Delphi and Denso
  • Use of return connection nipple of Piezo
  • Support printing function
  • Air deflation function for installation of Piezo
  • Free control of voltage and current
  • Possible to generate voltage and current of all injectors in the world
  • Auto detection of Piezo injector
  • Resistance measurement and defective check of coil micro
  • Able to expand and reduce injector waveform
  • Real-time display of Piezo voltage waveform
  • Real-time display of Solenoid voltage waveform
  • Injector data input function
  • Function of generating injector standard value for domestic and imported cars
  • Preset standard value by injector type
  • Automatic diagnosis of defective injection by injector standard
  • Automatic record function of measured 6 injections


  • Real-time automatic upgrade through internet (MOTORTOOL’s server)
  • Automatic data upgrade of injectors
  • Quiet operation through application of motor control technology
  • Application of low current high pole motor
  • Possible conversion to various rail frequencies in the world.
  • Possible support for all kinds of common rails in the world
  • 4 wheels for easy movement
  • Adoption of purification system for less contaminants in the tank
  • Display temperature of fuel tank and rail
  • The use of convenient automatic beaker
  • The use of precise laboratory beaker
  • Easy touch screen control
  • Able to control operational condition via settings
  • LED work light for easy operation
  • Built-in fuel cooling device


Product Name MT-6000
Injection Time 0 – 1600㎲
Testable Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens Piezo, Bosch Piezo, Denso Piezo, Caterpillar
Output 6 Channels
Cooling Forced cooling
Pressure 0-2000bar (Based on option, Maximum 2,700bar)
Power 220V / 60Hz
Motor 3phase, 3HP, 6pole
Oil Tank 40L
Size 1620x750x1725 (mm)

* Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance