Auto scope (NEW)

//Auto scope (NEW)
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MT-900 Autoscope

Scope + Ignition Tester + Grounding tester + Multi Tester

Inspection of plug ignition coil (Ignition function)

Exclusive grounding tester

Full automatic scope

Beep function of substitute fuse tester

Substitute multi tester

Frequency duty check

Name and Instruction


Model Name MT-900
Vertical Scale 25mV/DIV ~ 100V/DIV
Horizontal Scale 500uS/DIV ~ 10S/DIV
Mode Scope, DC volt, frequency duty, grounding test
Channel 1 CH
Maximum measurable voltage DC 200V
Measurable frequency 0.5Hz ~ about 100KHz
Measurable duty 0.1% ~ 99.9%
Display STN, mono (128×64 Pixel)
Battery 3.7V Li-Po USB rechargeable
Continuous use time about 50 hours (when back light is off)
Size 154x77x32 (mm)
Weight 178g
Components main body, instruction, BNC cable, probe 2EA, pincers, USB rechargeable cable