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Pump Rail Tester

Precise pump test

Automatic flow measurement (Pumping amount / Returning amount)

Item number search function by each pump

Possible to generate the high pressure pump specification

High pressure maintenance inspection.

Manual pump test

Pressure control valve (pump) precise inspection

IMV inspection by pressure

Controlled current check

Rail precise inspection

Pressure sensor performance inspection

Pressure leaking inspection

Pressure control valve precise inspection

Rail inspection

System Real-time automatic upgrade through internet (MOTORTOOL’s server)
Quiet operation through application of motor control technology
Use of 220V for easy connection
Adoption of purification system for less contaminants in the tank
Display temperature of fuel tank
Possible automatic diagnosis by flowmeter
Supply of exclusive connectors and various pump connecting adapters
Easy installation and removal of pump
Able to set the distance of pump holders
The method of control can be selected by pump type (Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens)
Use of Italian luxury flexible hose (The same type as European high rank one)
Automatic Mode Realization of full automatic system
IMV Test Automatic IMV, Idle IMV, IMV by duty
Able to regulate frequency and duty
Possible low pressure IMV test without driving high pressure pump (Optional)
Pump amount measurement Possible to support, create and save various specifications
Selection of flowmeter
Pressure test High pressure test, the measurement of negative pressure and pressurization
A variety of settings IMV frequency, IMV duty, IMV type
Rail duty, Rail frequency, Rail ending
The direction of rotation and motor control type
Various graphs Target pressure, current pressure, rail duty, RPM, rail duty and IMV duty
Size 965 x 915 x 1390 (mm)

* Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance