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I-CRDI  “MT-4100”

The world’s first realization of Piezo injector automatic setting (option)


Automatic injector test

Full automatic cylinder

Automatic detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Real-time display of injector waveform

Manual injector test

Search for injector item number

Print of job results

Enough job space


Product Name MT-4100
Testable Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens Piezo, Bosch Piezo, Denso Piezo, Caterpillar
Pressure 0 ~ 1,500bar (Optional : 2,000bar)
Injection Time 100㎲ ~ 1600㎲
Oil Tank 30L
Test Cylinder 4 pieces
Input Voltage 220V single phase / 60Hz (Optional : 220V 3 phase/60Hz)
Pump  Used rebuild
Size 820x590x1590 (mm)