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MT-4200 (Flowmeter)

I-CRDI  “MT-4200”


Product Name MT-4200 Flowmeter
Testable Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Piezo (supports worldwide system)
Pressure 0 ~ 2000bar
Injection Time 100㎲ ~ 1600㎲
Oil Tank 30L
Test Cylinder 4 pieces
Input Voltage 220V 3phase / 60Hz (Optional : 220V single phase/60Hz)
 Pump  Used rebuild
Size 820x590x1750 (mm)

The world’s first realization of Piezo injector automatic setting.


Automatic injector test by flow sensor

Automatic record of injection amount

Auto detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Real-time display of injector waveform

Manual injector test

Search for inject item number

Print of job results

Enough job space