MT-5200 Beaker Type

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MT-5200 (Beaker Type)

High pressure pump, Injector beaker test

I-CRDI  “MT-5200 ”

The world’s first realization of  Automatic Piezo Injector Seat (option)

Automatic Mode

Full automatic beaker

Response test

Auto detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Real-time display of injector waveform

Manual Mode

Domestic and overseas data (Automatic upgrade)

Print of job results

Various injector tester

  • Exclusive connector for each injector
  • Exclusive high pressure for each injector
  • Possible manual control of injection
  • Precise measurement through load cell sensor
  • Equal accuracy despite through 10 times of measurements
  • Separate control system for 3rd to 6th generation of Bosch, Delphi, Siemens and Denso
  • Precise display of the knocking injection volume of Siemens
  • Precise display of the knocking injection volume of Delphi and Denso
  • Reassembly injection function and the use of return nipple of Piezo
  • Support printing function
  • Air deflation function for the installation of Piezo
  • Free control of voltage and current
  • Possible to generate voltage and current of all injectors in the world
  • Auto detection of Piezo injector
  • Resistance measurement and defective check of coil micro
  • Able to expand and reduce injector waveform
  • Real-time display of Piezo voltage waveform
  • Real-time display of Solenoid voltage waveform
  • Injector data input function
  • Function of generating injector standard value for domestic and imported cars

IMV Test

Normal IMV graph

Abnormal IMV graph

High pressure pump & IMV

  • Display of IMV failure, pressure and duty variation graph
  • Display of target and current pressure graph
  • The method of control can be selected by pump type
  • The direction of rotation can be selected for each pump
  • Free control of pump pressure
  • Free control of rail duty
  • Automatic IMV measurement function
  • Adoption of flexible high pressure pump connecting hose
  • Supply of exclusive connectors
  • Supply of a variety of pump connecting adapters
  • Easy installation and removal of pump
  • Coupling that never damages the main body of pump
  • Installation of suction pressure gauge
  • Easy installation by unification of pressure and negative pressure hose
  • Able to set the distance of pump holders
  • Possible to control the fuel pressure by using only IMV

Various pumps test

Various exclusive adaptors (optional : supply of connectors and adaptors for imported cars)

The recycling of large and medium injectors (optional)

Wide test space

Low current system by the technology of inverter control


  • Real-time automatic upgrade through internet (MOTORTOOL’s server)
  • Quiet operation through application of motor control technology
  • Possible conversion to various rail frequencies in the world.
  • Possible support for all kinds of common rails in the world
  • 4 wheels for easy movement
  • Adoption of purification system for less contaminants in the tank
  • Display temperature of fuel tank and rail
  • The use of convenient automatic beaker
  • The use of precise laboratory beaker
  • Easy touch screen control
  • Able to control operational condition via settings
  • LED work light for easy operation
  • Built-in fuel cooling device
  • Touch Screen Display
    – Fine tuning of injector measurement
    – Fine tuning of injector actuation time
    – Simultaneous control of whole system on touch screen
    – Display of injector’s connection status (Disconnected, Normal, Internal Failure, Resistance Measurement)
    – Auto selection of standard value by injector type (Cranking, Main Injection, Full Injection, Pilot-Injection)
  • Full automatic beaker
    Activation of full automatic test tube by mere touch
    – Separate measurement of fuel injection and back leaking amount
    – Bright LED light


Product Name MT-5200
Injection Time 0 – 1600㎲
Testable Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens Piezo, Bosch Piezo, Denso Piezo, Caterpillar
Output 4 Channels
Cooling Forced cooling
Pressure 0-2000bar (Based on option, Maximum 2,700bar)
Power 220V / 60Hz
Motor 3phase, 3HP, 6pole (Option: 5HP, 6pole)
Oil Tank 40L
Size 1375x730x1700 (mm)

* Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance